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  • Riding the Tide of Mobile Knowledge Management

    07.07.15 | Whitepaper | Door: Appian

    Knowledge is like water; it wants to flow. Today’s Bring-Your-Own-Device/ Bring-Your-Own-App (BYOD/BYOA) work environments are more porous than ever. Knowledge now has more outlets, more fissures in the enterprise landscape through which to seep. If you can effectively ride the tide to manage the flow of information across these new tributaries – making the right information ubiquitously accessible to the right people, in a context... lees meer

  • Enterprise mobility

    06.07.15 | Whitepaper | Door: Appian

    Enterprise Mobility and Beyond Many have claimed to be the first to highlight the changing nature of our world and the need for businesses to continually adapt. But it was the greek philosopher Heraclitus who first stated over 2,500 years ago, “The only thing that is constant is change.” In this context, it is clear that change is indeed a fundamental truth we must accept and make part of our organizational culture. So then, why have... lees meer

  • Internet of Things verhoogt noodzaak van adoptie van IPv6

    15.06.15 | Blog | Door:

    74 procent van draadloze access points ondersteunt geen geavanceerde enterprise mobility-mogelijkheden. Ondanks dat bedrijven het liefst zo lang mogelijk wachten met het vervangen van hun IT-netwerkassets, breiden bedrijven wereldwijd de draadloze mogelijkheden van hun netwerk-access points uit. In 74 procent van de gevallen gaat het echter om verouderde netwerkapparaten die niet aan de benodigde vereisten voldoen om geavanceerde enterprise... lees meer

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