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  • Awesome tracks @ XebiCon 2015

    03.04.15 | agenda | Door: Xebia

    XebiCon is the conference for all professionals in and around IT. Its breathes cutting edge technology. There are more than 20 top-notch talks on Microservices, Software Development, Test Automation, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Big Data Analysis, Mobile, IoT and other High Tech magic including guru's as Bas Vodde, Anders Ivarsson, Kristian Lindwall, Dave Farley, Mitchell Hashimoto, Dave Smith and Viktor Mids. You can find the complete... lees meer

    Datum en tijdstip:     04.06.15 08:30
    Locatie:     Westergasfabriek Amsterdam
    Kosten:     Tickets starting at €120,- till April 20th

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