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Appian delivers an enterprise platform for digital transformation that enables organizations to revolutionize their customer experience, optimize their business operations, and master global risk and compliance. Powered by industry leading Business Process Management (BPM) and Case Management capabilities, Appian’s low-code approach radically accelerates the time it takes to build and deploy powerful, modern applications, on-premises or in the cloud. For more information, visit www.appian.com.


    NIEUWE KIJK OP PROCESSEN EN TOEPASSINGEN In het digitale tijdperk worden organisaties tot het uiterste uitgedaagd om onderscheidende waarde te leveren. Bovendien worden bedrijven door de opkomst van nieuwkomers en een almachtige consument gedwongen om hun benadering van de markt continu aan te passen aan de veranderende eisen van de tijd. Dat vraagt om een nieuwe kijk op processen en de toepassingen die deze processen moeten onder- steunen. Een beweging van rigide naar meer dynamische oplossingen, die gebruikmaken van het groeiende aantal open... lees meer

  • Picture This…The Future of Healthcare Payers

    Picture this… You’re a healthcare payer. You continually struggle with coordinating care for your members, engaging your members, maintaining regulatory compliance and managing administrative costs. You want to overcome it. Of course! But, processes are too critical to change quickly…and you feel your organization could use an operational overhaul. It’s just too much too soon. It’s way too tough. Well, hold on! What if it didn’t have to be so tough? With this in mind, I hope you’ll join... lees meer

  • IoT, PaaS, Share Fortune as Organizations Turn to PaaS for IoT Apps

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving an application development sea change as organizations work to ramp up their app creation capabilities in response to the trend. Essentially, the IoT offers innovative new ways to gather and use data within an ecosystem of connected devices. However, those benefits will only impact operations if organizations develop apps that get data into end-users’ hands in the right context so they can act on it. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud systems are emerging as a vital tool in this... lees meer

  • BPM Platforms and…Robots?

    BY JORGE SANCHEZ I love playing video games. I always have, and perhaps I always will. I am always amazed with the evolution of video games. To me, it all started with Pong on the Atari console. Then Duck Hunt and Mario in the original NES. Ahh the frustration of seeing that cute dog laughing at me. I loved it! As an old-time gamer, I have experienced many firsts: consoles, 3D worlds, vibrating remotes, amazing real-looking graphics, mobile games. Designers are always finding new ways to immerse the player even more in the... lees meer

  • Introducing the Appian App Market

    The verdict is in. Businesses need apps — apps to increase productivity and performance, engage with customers and partners, reduce risk and improve compliance, and manage more efficiently. Appian’s application platform enables organizations to build better, more engaging, more powerful apps, and do it at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional approaches. As you might expect, both Appian and its partner network have a lot of experience building great apps. In many cases, we’ve taken what we’ve learned and built... lees meer

  • The Payer Perspective: Re-Defining Data to Connect Millions

    The Payer Perspective: Re-Defining Data to Connect Millions   Healthcare-oriented wearables are most commonly part of a disease management program or as a personal health device. However, wearables on the provider side are just half the story of why healthcare is on the cutting edge of the newest wave of technology innovations. Forward-looking health payer organizations are adopting similar mobile strategies to take advantage of the wearables phenomenon. One of the United States’ leaders in health care solutions for the... lees meer

  • Consumerization Changes as IT and Business Users Collaborate

    There was a point, relatively early in the consumerization of IT movement, when the popular stance among pundits was something along the lines of "We have to get users under control or our business may fall apart." The fear was that if non-IT users had more control of the technology, they would end up introducing new security risks that would lead to data breaches, regulatory problems and other issues that would severely damage a business. Ideas around consumerization are changing, and new perceptions about IT departments headline that... lees meer

  • The end of the organization as we know it

    The end of the organization as we know it Erik Moti, Appian Corporation  july 2015 An analysis of the history of technology shows that technological change is exponential, contrary to the common-sense “intuitive linear” view. So we won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century — it will be more like 20,000 years of progress (at today’s rate). The “returns,” such as chip speed and cost-effectiveness, also increase exponentially. There’s even exponential growth in the rate of... lees meer

  • Appian Congratulates EDP Renewables on Global Case Management Excellence Award Win

    Leading Clean Energy Company Recognized for Intelligent, Collaborative Wind Turbine Issue Management Application RESTON, Va.—July 7 2015— Appian today congratulates EDP Renewables North America (EDPRNA)  for being awarded the 2015 Workflow Management Coalition (WFMC) Global Case Management Excellence Award. The awards highlight the best examples of case management technology and business practice innovation in supporting knowledge workers. EDPR NA, a developer, owner, and operator of 36 wind farms and... lees meer

  • Do you really need a mobile strategy?

    Do you really need a mobile strategy? About ten years ago I considered myself lucky to be able to be a participant on the Comenius Course. Without going into much depth what this course is about, it is a leadership course for rediscovering ways to get wondered and amazed again, pretty much by listening to people. A couple of weeks ago, when I was at the Mobility Exchange Event in the Netherlands, I was listening to a lot of people and, yes, I’ve got amazed. My amazement came from the way the majority of the companies were... lees meer

  • 4 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing An App Platform

    Oscar Wilde once said that experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes. In a way it makes perfect sense. More often than not, you know from experience what will or will not work in any given situation. Other times, you’re afraid to do anything because you don’t have enough experience and you do not want to make mistakes. With the speed of technology innovation these days, odds are that you don’t have as much experience building modern apps as you’d like. And, without that experience…without making... lees meer

  • The transformation that comes from wearables

    Business processes and the applications workers use to get the job done are closely linked. As organizations in just about every sector get more dependent on technology, companies depend on their apps to empower users to complete processes in an efficient way. Health care is not immune to this movement, and the rise of wearable devices is adding another layer of complexity to the sector. A recent Medscape report discussed the way the Apple Watch could transform the health care industry, and many of its points emphasize how wearable... lees meer

  • CIOs on the IT Landscape Complexity and the Need for Agility

    I recently moderated a CIO roundtable to address the challenge of how enterprises free themselves from stove-piped or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications with disruptive technology. I think the market has arrived at a crossroads. The CIOs I met were extremely frustrated by the ‘how’ and who’ to address the above mentioned challenge. Over the last couple years they were forced to build solutions that would reduce full-time employees (FTEs) by automating the work, as well as decrease the total cost of... lees meer

  • Why Appian

    Your business needs to move quickly. You need to sense change and opportunity before your competition does, make smart decisions and take rapid action. You need software applications that are powerful and flexible enough to help you constantly re-invent, while preserving the unique competitive advantages of your organization. As the market leader in modern Business Process Management (BPM) and Case Management software, Appian delivers an application platform that unites users with everything they need to do their jobs... lees meer


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