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Virtual Clarity

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Virtual Clarity delivers strategic transformations, enabling you to create the right environment for business change – this starts with infrastructure.

What makes us distinctive is our collective experience, our collective vision and above all our focus on successful outcomes.

Our professionals are experienced tech leaders, with first-hand understanding of the challenges large organisations face in embracing IT transformation. Many are former CIOs, CTOs or Senior IT Leaders. It means we bring a unique perspective to every project. We understand what is expected of you today and importantly we are clear on what your job should look like in the future.

Our vision is to free businesses from the constraints of outdated IT infrastructure – helping them make the shift to invisible infrastructure. In doing so, we restore IT to where it should be: driving growth, delivering efficiencies, enabling innovation.

Established in 2009, our clients include leading names within the financial services, healthcare and manufacturing. Our headquarters are in London and New York, we also have offices in Pittsburgh and Amsterdam.


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