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over TTS

tts is a full service provider enabling you to deliver workplace performance.

We help our customers to develop to their full potential with innovative solutions in the IT and SAP environments:

Workplace Performance Support : empowering employees at the "moment of need"
With tt performance suite you make information available exactly when it is required: at the “moment of need”. Your colleagues always get exactly the right support because knowledge content is tailored to their roles and is relevant to the current business application. As a result, your fellow employees are appreciably more productive, process errors are avoided and you reduce the burden on your helpdesk.

Talent Management
We are a consulting and implementation partner of SuccessFactors and SAP with a particular focus on talent management solutions. tts is the consultancy partner that has implemented more SAP learning solutions in SAP’s own home market – the German -speaking countries – than any other, next to a large and growing number of international projects and rollouts. Alongside projects, we take care of operational talent management systems worldwide, supporting organizations in multiple languages.

Corporate Learning
tts is a corporate learning full service provider. From the first idea to the final implementation, we develop modern learning concepts that prove their value in practice. With the appropriate deployment of various methods we stimulate your colleagues’ desire to learn.


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